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Being Bullied - Will's Story


Hello.  My name is Will. I am 14 year old hiker, runner, and Boy Scout and I was bullied as well. These bullies weren't as bad as others but they did traumatize me.

I have a disorder called Aspergers Syndrome. A minor form of Autism, I think differently from others and find it hard to be social. Since first grade, I have always been known as the nerd with     his nerdy friends doing nerdy things. I could of been in the cool kid sports group but sports wasn't really my thing. I loved video games and Youtube. I've had 2 very close friends who were twins, Karen, my best friend and Tarik, My 2nd best friend. Ever since I moved to my new school in 3rd grade. We met each other and had a  close relationship. Our Semi popular group was made of 6 people. Me, Kaden, Tarik, Chase, Evan, and Dylan. I loved going to school to see them and even better, having the whole gang come over, play Minecraft, and eat pizza all night. But in 6th grade, that all changed. I was going through the change to adulthood and found different interests. I was done with Lego and Minecraft. But the others weren’t. Then one day. The group just wanted to ditch me right up in my face.I was heartbroken I didn't know what to do. That was just the beginning. The group of 5 started to torment me. They knew about my Aspergers and used it to their advantage. They always played the same games I played at recess and always target me to get me out and find a way for me to lose. They called me terrible names. Some curse words, some like Little Miss Boy Scout, Jerk, Stupid, Nerd and so on. They stole my lunch, ran away and chased me, and spread sexual rumors about me. I was driven to the point of insanity and when I got back from school one day I ran to my room and cried like crazy. My only source of friends... gone. I stayed in my room drowning in tears for what seemed like hours. I then decided to go on Minecraft to calm me down. I remember playing On Minecraft when Chase logged on, bragged about a sleepover that I wasn't invited to, and said it was my fault. I then talked with my Mom she encouraged me to find a new group, with a few kids. My new best friend named Jaden. He stood up to me when I was bullied and defended me. He invited me to play games and when Kaden and his group came to torment me, Jaden told them to screw off. I finally felt good knowing I had a real friend. I am now in 8th grade with new friends who like me for who I am. Kaden and Tarik moved to a different school. Chase tried to bully me in the beginning of 7th grade. But I got him out of the way. He now hangs out with a group of troublemakers. I barely see Evan and Dylan admitted his wrongdoing and we became band partners. Everything worked out great in the end and that is my story.