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Being Bullied - Tori's Story


Hi, my name is Tori and I would be a so-called "veteran" of bullying. I can't remember when it started honestly, but for a big part of my life, I was as very poor. For two years straight, I lived in a camper with my baby sister and both parents, and I would have to get dressed at morning in the complete darkness, so my clothes were dirty and never matched. My hair was always ratted and messy, my teeth were yellowed and crooked, I had cheap glasses, and all-around looked unhygienic. Those who didn't make fun of me pretended I wasn't there. I was called every name you could imagine, and every night I would go home to my camper and cry myself to sleep silently and wish I could wake up pretty just like everyone else, but as I woke up, it never happened. As we moved into an actual house over time, I was always moving into a new rented house, and at each one, I was still the loser. It hurts when people make digs at you, but it's just as hurtful when everyone pretends you aren't there. Last year I finally snapped and decided to just end it all because it would never get better. I took a bottle of Aspirin and went to the hospital. I have been depressed and occasionally still do have it, but I realized not to care what other people thought of me, as cliché as that sounds, because I am who I am. And I'm proud to be a big-eyed short scrawny braceface because I know that there will never be another me