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Being Bullied - Sam's Story


Well, hi,  My name is Sam, (girl) and when I found this website I almost cried, I though I was alone in this, but I guess not, well here’s my story…

I guess you could say it started in sixth grade, there was this guy, who I had been in class with for a few years and I kinda liked him, and one day he asked me out, so of course I said yes. a month later, I’m getting things from my locker and he walks up to me and tells me he was only pretending to like me for attention and told me I was weird, and I should’t bother talking to him anymore. Soon, the whole school knew about that weirdo he dumped, and what a freak she was. Needless to say, the “popular girls” found out. In the halls if they saw me they would yell  “Hay, Sam!? You gunna hypnotize any more guys into liking you with your dark magic?!” or “Sammy! How are you? I heard you got dumped bad, and by a real loser to!” and my stuff would start to disappear from my gym locker, or backpack, and those girls would just happen to have it. It got worse in seventh grade.

Every. Single. Day. They would “accidentally” bump into me, make up new nick-names for me, pull my hair, glare at me, tease me, and soon I was in the guidance, or nurses office every day just to avoid them. One day, a girl, (lets just call her Kate) walked up to me and told me to ignore those b***** and sit with them. I did, and it was the best thing that happened all year. Every lunch we would sit in the corner of the lunch room as a group and talk about the best rock bands, or the latest thing at hot topic, or whatever. 

But the “popular girls” found out, and started harassing Kate too. Kate never told me though, and I never saw any of it happening, until the day I was selling tickets in the lunch room for the musical.

“Sammy! Sammy! Come here!” popular girls, a whole two tables of them, but I just ignored them. They didn’t like that so they came over to me and started tugging on my cloths and hair and yelling into my ears things like “why do you hang out with those idiots?”,  and “God, how cheap was this shirt?” and I started screaming for them to get off and tried to push them away, but they just wouldn’t stop. 

Luckily, Kate forgot her book in the lunchroom and when she saw what was going on, she got a lunch monitor who broke up the group and got them to sit down, to reveal me, crying in their place, my face in my hands, in of the whole grade.

Out of revenge for getting them in trouble, they told one of their teachers and classmates that Kate was touching them in a lesbian way, and no one would speak to her but me. We both went home “sick” later that day.

That was a year ago, and stuff still happens, but ever since the principal found out and threatened suspension if they didn’t stop and apologize, it got better. It’s all good now, I joined the drama, and wouldn’t give up my wierdo, freaky, friends for the world! So if anyone bothers to read this, thanks for listening.