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Being Bullied - Maya's Story

Hello, my name is Maya! As you read this you may not think it is as bad as some other stories or your own. Well, anyways, I started school at an early age, well it was like day care but we mostly learned. I attended a private catholic school until the end of 3rd grade. I did not encounter any bullying there but my mom could not afford to send me there anymore so that is why I left. 4th grade had finally come I was terrified to go to a new school mainly because it was a public school 2x the size of my old school. My first day was not so bad I was just really scared and I even got lost but thankfully my mom works there. towards the middle of the year people started pick on me because of my size, I was very short because of bone growth delay ( that is when your bones don’t grow as fast as they should) I was pretty used to it because of my old school and outside activities. It was different there thought because it was more than one person and more than once in a while. People would also call me a “ squeaky short dumb Asian”. Not all of the time but it still hurt. This was the year my friend from my old school died from cancer a day after my birthday. I had to leave early to go to her funeral. That also ruined my school year on top of that, one of my only friends had been stolen away by a girl who’s twin sister had been very mean to me. 

In middle school I was stuck with the same people because I go to a k-8 school thankfully that resulted in me having a good number of friends, but in 6th grade that was the year I found out ( after being tested) I had 3 disabilities. School was really hard for me I would still get A’s and B’s but I would just slip by, I also had a sleeping disorder so I would come to school exhausted making learning a greater challenge, my mom was/is dyslexic so it was difficult for her to help me and my dad left my mom and me when she was pregnant (with me) returned after my birth then left again when I was 4 so he couldn't help me. Once in 6th grade I was partnered with a kid who had mildly bullied me in 4th grade, in math class we had to do a certain amount of math problems timed, he would be finished before me and he called stupid, slow, an idiot, a dumb Asian. He did this for the whole class period, I almost cried but I held in my tears and I have been doing that a lot that would cause me stress and anxiety. To make myself feel better with all the other names including ugly, stupid, small, and fat I would scratch and dig my nails in my arms and hands ( I have really long nails).

Bullying in my current grade (7th) has not been that bad I am on medication for my ADHD and it helps but it makes me angry, I have never really had any physical bullying, but sometimes I would come home with bruises from walking in the hall, getting back from lunch is HELL the fist classrooms are the 8th graders so they would push and shove and sometimes they would push other people into me. I have reported past bullying and the teachers have reacted by punishing the kid who did it. I don't really have that problem anymore, well not yet anyway. Boys still call me ugly but I don’t really care and I have lots of friends to help me. Thank you for taking time to read this long story I have more but that would take way too long. If I insulted anyone in any way with this story I am so sorry and I want to say to the people who have had much worse than this you are special you do matter everyone plays a part in this crazy life but we need to live it so we will have a happy ending ( cheesy I know). Thanks and I give my love and respect to you!