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Bullies Ain't Kool

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Race To A Billion Downloads Digital Marathon

We need your help to reach our goal of one billion downloads. All proceeds will go to programs to help end school age bullying.

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Bulk Download Card (Gift Card)

 Because of the bullying situation in the area, Mary from Mary Beth's flower shop purchased a $50.00 download gift card and donated it to her grandchild's elementary. Once she received her online gift card code, she forwarded the email to the school. In her email, she explained the Stop Bullying program and let them know that Mary Beth's Flower shop purchased and donated 50 downloads in their honor to help prevent bullying in their school. The school distributed it to the teachers and staff members to play it for all the students. They also developed new bullying programs around the song. Once the kids learn the song, the school put in a request for the We Are The Village Project to come perform the song and speak to the kids free of charge at the school. Mary Beth's Flower shop is part of the village.

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Corporate Gifting

Major Corp, Inc., a global company, knows that bullying is not just in the U.S., it's everywhere! They gave a gift of $25,000 to We Are the Village Project.  By doing so, the project was able to send downloads of the Spanish and Cantonese versions of "Bullies Ain't Kool" to schools in Spain and East Asia.  Not only that, their contribution helped the project developed programs that work in all schools so that no kid will be left behind due to bullying. The We Are The Village Project was so grateful, that they put Major Corp, Inc. on their website as sponsors and now their logo is advertised wherever the We Are The Village Project may go. Major Corp, Inc. did not write this off as a donation, but as a business expense instead. What a way to show you are part of the village!


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*Names in examples are fictional for illustration purposes.


Gift Purchases and Bulk Downloads may be purchased online or by check.  To pay with a check, please click here to fill out form and have one of our staff members will contact you soon.