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Being Bullied - Emmeline's Story



My name is Emmeline (pronounced like Em-ah-lyn). My story isn't all that bad, but I want to show a new form of bullying most teachers in my school don't recognize and my story that was mentioned very subtly to my friends.

When I was little, and in kindergarten, I was pretty chubby and naive, so people were always annoyed at me. I had never noticed this; if they laughed at me, I would think I had said something funny which made me do more embarrassing things. I was friendly and always saying "hi" to people I haven't known long and they give me a weird look; if they're a guy, they would think I like them. First and second grade was the same thing. Finally my senses came to me: one day at school this boy (who would be soon called "popular") had laughed at me because I was very weird in my own way. Then I thought, why is he laughing at me? It wasn't that funny.

So, because I regretted the way I was, I changed.

My parents (coincidentally) said I needed to lose weight because the doctor said I was overweight. If I was younger, I would have protested. But I was so eager to change I said yes. I was on a diet and it was a huge help. I lost about 15 pounds. Once the happy, friendly, naive girl, I realized people don't like that. Why? I always asked myself. Now I know, but more on that later.

Eventually I became more shy, stopped raising my hand (because my answers would be wrong and "ridiculous"), and stopped making more friends. That boy who made fun of me though, sort of became friends with me just because we always talked in class (and I must admit I sorta had a crush on him). But by the fourth grade, I learned my lesson not to say hi to him. And then he said the most stupid thing about me when a friend of mine mentioned me: "Who's Emmeline?"

I was pretty mad, but getting mad over those things is stupid. Wasting your time on those people isn't worth it.

Things changed a lot after fifth and sixth. I had changed, and by the sixth grade that boy was in my class yet again. We both learned our lesson: to not speak to one another. We mostly just spoke like one or twice a day, but that was it. I was still naive in that year, but now I'm in seventh grade, and I would say I have been "evolved." I'm usually sarcastic now, speaking quietly to people who would judge me, but with friends I would be myself. I started dressing differently too, and still had to maintain my weight even though I still love food. People had been mad at me at gym; if I don't do a good job on the team, if I dropped the ball - but those people, like I said, aren't worth it (btw, people are judging me cuz we didn't win the game? Well, 1. I'm not that good in sports because 2. I'm an asthmatic). I even cried once, but got over it.

Today, people in school don't bullying you in a very blunt way. They do it more manipulatively, but I know I'm not fooled. (I even made myself my own quote) They would ask you to come over and hang out with your group, slowly making you feel comfortable with them and behind your back - laughter about what ridiculous things you do. If you did something weird, they would "encourage" you to do more just to laugh at you. They would even try to make fun of you by asking them to be your friend. This girl is (calling her weird is rude) sorta... She was naive about the things around her. Boys pretend they have a crush on her; following her, saying I love you, hugging her. I wish she would just be able to figure out that, they're trying to bully her by letting her comfort get out. I will say something, I just need to find my self-confidence that I lost in the third grade. But it's coming, don't worry.

They say to tell on people who bully you, but why? In that form of bullying (I call it "manipulative bullying") would they believe you? The people will just continue on and on and on and they would probably believe no one.

I know this wasn't a bad bullying story, but I just wanna say, be careful with the people you are with. People are cruel these days in the most implicit and quiet way possible. Try to stay with the crowd, but be yourself. As in, don't let the other people get you down. And always watch out, because when do we know what is real, and what is not.

~Don't fool a person who had been fooled.

PS, the reason why people feel you're weird because you're friendly? Because they aren't used to someone as nice as you.