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Being Bullied - Curtis's Story

Hey my name is William but I go by Curtis. My dad is active military and was deployed for most of my younger years. We moved about every 2-3 years so making friends was more an more difficult and people seemed to think the new kid was an easy target to pick on. So from 3rd grade and on I was bullied for any an every reason. I was small, skinny, had big teeth, had a military style backpack, had a high voice, etc. Life was an awful thing to love everyday and there are so many time I wanted to quit. Just end it all. I cried everyday and tried to do anything I could to just fit in. I tried laying low, I tried hiding, and even football because football players are popular. I got -2 yards and a concussion because they put me, an 87 pound freshman at fullback against a 280 pound Samoan. He then told me "you are too small to ever amount to anything in sports". Here comes the best part. I moved to Arizona as a sophomore in HS. clean slate. No one knew me. Perfect. I saw a quote online saying how wrestling is the only sport where you can be a champion no matter how small you are. I was Hooked. I laid low and let my actions in the sport speak for themselves. I worked hard everyday spilling blood, sweat an tears with a smile. Kids at my school pointed at me "that's the kid that's the state champ" or "that's the national champion" and "he broke the _____ record." I loved it. People looked up to me. Spoke highly of me. It was an addiction. Now, I wrestle NCAA d2 with my college paid for and the last kid who bullied me served me my burger at in-and-out.