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NEWS REPORT:  RICHMOND, TX – Parents Allege Violent Bullying Environment At Briscoe Junior High; School Denies Bullying Is an Issue

RICHMOND, TX – Multiple families have come forward publicly this week claiming planned attacks of individual students are beginning to occur more frequently. Briscoe Junior High School, in Richmond, TX, is the scene of increasing bullying and violence, according to parents of students at the school.

Briscoe Junior High School, in Richmond, TX

Bruce and Silvia Calaway told ABC 13 News that their 12-year-old son has complained to them for months about the school bullying he witnesses daily as a student.

 “You’re an idiot, you’re stupid, you suck,” Silvia Calaway says students tell her son.

Apparently groups of bullies are gathering and choosing a target student to attack, and then executing their attack, much like prison violence.

The Calaways say their son was warned by two other students that he was next on their list to be assaulted. And then before he knew it, their son was shoved to the ground from behind while running outside in P.E. class.

The bully put him into a headlock from behind and pummeled the Calaway's seventh grade son in the face and about the head, resulting in a bruising, a busted lip, and a concussion which was diagnosed the following day during an early morning emergency room visit.

The Lamar CISD (Central Independent School District) released a statement regarding the bullying violence taking place:

"We are aware of a fight between two boys that occurred this week at Briscoe Junior High. Due to federal and state privacy laws, we cannot discuss the specifics of how the matter was handled with students. However, we are taking all appropriate disciplinary actions allowed by law. There are 1,300 students at Briscoe Junior High this school year and to date, there has been one confirmed case of bullying. Briscoe Junior High is a “No Place for Hate” campus and it participates in anti-bullying activities. Student safety is always the top priority in the District. Students and parents are encouraged to contact any teacher or administrator if they have a concern about bullying or any other safety issue."

Bruce and Silvia say they will be pursuing criminal charges against their son’s attacker. It is unclear if or whom they have hired as an attorney in the case.